1. Lavender Gardens with the parents

  2. Bradley vs. Pacquiao fight & Genki Sushi

  3. We survived the road to Hana!

  4. Lahaina Front Street

  5. Maui Ocean Center

  6. Beach time!

  7. Iao Valley with the parents.

  8. Ho’okipa Lookout & Paia town after the Color Run. 

  9. My parents FINALLY came down to visit me! They came down for two weeks. At the same time, I had just moved into my new place! I have been pretty busy for the past month, but now I have time to post up photos!

    My parents came in a day before the Color Run. I was glad my parents agreed to participate! It was a blast and they really enjoyed it. The best part was seeing them RUN! It was great. I never imagined them doing something like this, especially my mom, and I’m so happy they did it!

  10. Scored on a $50 desk on Craigslist that sells for ~$180 in store!

  11. Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux on a key chain! <3



    I’ve always dreamed of owning my own place! I am so excited! I can’t wait to move in. Currently, I am letting the sellers rent the condo for a few weeks and then I will be able to move in. Hello, Adulthood!

  13. Took the pups to the beach so they can burn some energy! Wazzu and Apple are about 7 months now…and growing. I hope they don’t get any bigger!

  14. Valentine’s Day 2014: Yesterday, I woke up to a cute v-day card and hi-chew from my boyfriend. I really wasn’t expecting anything, so it was a nice surprise before heading to work. In the evening, I spent quality time over dinner with my love and we laughed the rest of the night watching a late movie (About Last Night). I really enjoyed the night and I couldn’t ask for anything more on Valentine’s day!The next day, we received the MOST ADORABLE Valentine’s gift from baby Sophie…she is so freakin cute!!