1. Birthday Week!!! Brought little Bordeaux (our french bulldog) home. Took the day off on Friday. Watched Miss Saigon (the musical) with Toni. Ate a delicious birthday cake at the Ong’s and celebrated my bday with Trace (who just turned 3 months) and Sophie (who just turned 22 months) - Yay for 22 babies! To end the weekend, I hit golf balls for the the first time at the driving range with Jon, Ashley and Toni! 

  2. Late post. Super fun night at Mayjah Rayjah 2014 with Toni, Kris and Debbie!

  3. Day trip to BEAUTIFUL Hana! 

  4. Baked two Strawberry Kiwi pies with Stella! We were suppose to make Strawberry Rhubarb pie, but I couldn’t find a place that sold rhubarb on this island! The pies turned out great though :) Thanks May for your Strawberry Rhubarb pie recipe!

  5. It has been WAY too long since I sat down with a pencil and just drew something for fun. Feels really good to start drawing again :)

  6. Dirt Track Racing!

  7. Checked out the Dirt Track Races at Paradise Speedway Maui this weekend and it was a pretty awesome experience :) 

  8. We started our Saturday off going to the SWAP meet to get our fruits and veggies. We stopped by Stillwell’s Bakery & Cafe for the first time and bought their long horns! yum! Then we decided to walk to Twin Falls. I was hoping there were other trails to hike, but it ended up just being a 10 minute walk. However, it is a great place to swim!!….too many tourists though :/

  9. Last weekend we finished one of our many projects on our to-do list! Our kitchen closet door had a huge dent on it and we patched it up with some spackling paste (which was also used to patch up all the holes on the walls!). We used a magentic primer so we have the option to hang up things with magnets AND we finished up the door with four coats of whiteboard paint. Now we have a great place to write our grocery list :)

  10. Toni and I moved out of his parents house and into our very own place in Wailuku about 6 weeks ago! These photos are the result of our hardwork…so far. It doesn’t look like much, but we spent many nights after work cleaning and preparing the walls before painting them. We currently don’t have a lot of furniture - for instance, we use suitcases as our night stands! But, we will get there :) Can’t wait to start hanging stuff on the walls!

  11. Lavender Gardens with the parents

  12. Bradley vs. Pacquiao fight & Genki Sushi

  13. We survived the road to Hana!

  14. Lahaina Front Street

  15. Maui Ocean Center